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J Neonat Surg, Volume 7, Issue 4, 2018

Journal of Neonatal Surgery is a peer reviewed, open access and online-only journal that promotes the dispersion of quality research in the field of Neonatal Surgery. It is the only journal dedicated fully to Neonatal Surgery- a developing specialty. The publication schedule is quarterly i.e. four times a year.

The journal invites editorials, original research, review articles, case reports, short reports, letter to the editor, Clinical images and radiological quiz etc. The instructions to the authors can be seen on the website for more convenience. Every manuscript will be peer reviewed to add authenticity and to maintain the quality of the paper. The manuscript can be submitted online on the Submit Manuscript page. By submitting the manuscript, the authors would transfer copyrights to the Journal of Neonatal Surgery.

The journal disclaims any harm or adverse event that occur by using the information presented in the journal. Therefore, it is advised that the current literature must be considered along with other reliable sources before using the information presented in the Journal of Neonatal surgery.

The journal retains all the rights of its publications and work under creative common Unported 3.0 license that allows any kind of distribution of the material by mentioning and acknowledging the journal.



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From October 2017 onward, all manuscript should also accompany signed consent form. Please click Consent Form to download it. No manuscript will be processed or published without consent form. A consent statement will be published with all manuscripts from January 2018 Issue onward.  
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Vol 7, No 4 (2018): Journal of Neonatal Surgery

Table of Contents

Original Article

Pradyumna Pan

Case Series

Bilal Mirza, Imran Hashim, Shabbir Ahmad, Nabila Talat, M Zubair Shaukat, Muhammad Saleem

Case Report

Alessandra Glover Williams, Janet McNally, Julian Gaskin, Ela Chakkarapani
Hei Yi Wong, Yuk Kwan Ng, Kin Wai Edwin Chan, Kim Hung Lee
Zaheer Hasan, Vinit Kumar Thakur, Vijaendra Kumar, Ramdhani Yadav, Sandeep Kumar Rahul
Shailesh Solanki
Jih Huei Tan, Henry Chor Lip Tan, Zi Qin Ng, Najua Ramli, V Muthualhagi A/P Vellusamy
Tapasya Pandita, Nitin James Peters, Ram Samujh

Clinical Image

Parveen Kumar, Mamta Sengar