Functional Intestinal Obstruction of Prematurity (FIOP): Short term management results: A case series




Functional intestinal obstruction of prematurity, Management, Meconium, Premature newborn


Background: Functional Intestinal Obstruction of Prematurity (FIOP) is the delay or failure of meconium evacuation in premature neonates. It is associated with hypomotility in the developing intestine. It mostly presents with signs of intestinal obstruction in very low (VLBW) or extremely low birth weight (ELBW) neonates.

Case Series: We present short-term results regarding the management of 8 premature newborns with FIOP treated with Awolaran O. et al [1] algorithm in a pediatric hospital, two of them required a surgical procedure due to conservative management failure.

Conclusion: Early conservative management is successful in most patients with FIOP, related to symptom resolution. Surgical management should be kept for those with conservative management failure.


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Author Biography

Daniel Acosta Farina, Dr. Roberto Gilbert Elizalde Children's Hospital. Guayaquil- Ecuador.

Dr. Roberto Gilbert Elizalde Children's Hospital

Chair of Pediatric Surgery


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Acosta Farina D, Polit-Guerrero V, Aguayo-Vistin J, Cedeño-Moreira C, Salinas-Salinas V, Acosta-Bowen D, Oliveros-Rivero jorge. Functional Intestinal Obstruction of Prematurity (FIOP): Short term management results: A case series. J Neonatal Surg [Internet]. 2022Mar.29 [cited 2024May21];11:13. Available from:

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