Tongue shaped oropharyngeal teratoma with cleft palate in a neonate: A case report


  • Samiul Hasan Dhaka Shishu (Children) Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Nadia Afroz National Institute of Mental Health, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Jiaul Reza Dhaka Shishu (Children) Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh



Oropharyngeal teratoma, Cleft palate, Neonatal tumor, Epignathus


Background: Atypical presentation of an atypical abnormality makes the diagnosis challenging. Oropharyngeal teratoma (epignathus) is a rare, potentially life-threatening neonatal tumor. Its atypical presentation may cause a delay in diagnosis and increase morbidity and mortality.

Case presentation: A newborn girl with oropharyngeal teratoma and cleft palate presented with feeding difficulty. The airway was patent. The tumor was tongue-shaped, smooth-walled, displacing the native tongue, and prevented the fusion of two palatine halves resulting in cleft palate. On the 4th day of life, complete excision was done transorally. Histopathology revealed a mature teratoma. There was no sign of recurrence at three months of follow-up.

Conclusion: Presentation of the oropharyngeal teratoma varies according to its site, size, and extension. Timely diagnosis is essential to avoid life-threatening respiratory obstruction. Complete excision of the mass is usually associated with a good prognosis.


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