Intussusception in a premature newborn: A case report




Intussusception, Neonate, Premature


Background: Intussusception is rare in the neonatal period and even less common in premature babies.

Case Presentation: We present a case of a premature newborn with an insidious clinical picture characterized by irritability and multiple vomits. Ultrasound was diagnostic of intussusception. The baby had a jejunal intussusception without any pathological lead point, with a favorable outcome.

Conclusion: Intussusception is a rare cause of neonatal intestinal obstruction especially in premature neonates.


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Author Biography

Daniel Acosta Farina, Dr. Roberto Gilbert Elizalde Children's Hospital. Guayaquil- Ecuador

Dr. Roberto Gilbert Elizalde Children's Hospital

Chair of Pediatric Surgery


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Acosta Farina D, León-Ochoa D, Serrano-Concha K, Cabrera-Viteri M, Oliveros-Rivero J, Acosta-Bowen D. Intussusception in a premature newborn: A case report. J Neonatal Surg [Internet]. 2021Jun.18 [cited 2024Apr.17];10:30. Available from:

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